Characterization of an 2x2 SCB Optical Switch Integrated with VOA

Hen-Wei Huang, Yao-Joe Yang


This work presents the modeling, simulation and characterization of an innovative micromachined 2x2 optical switch monolithically integrated with variable optical attenuators. The device uses bi-stable mechanisms for optical switching, and can be easily realized by a standard micromachining process. The split-cross-bar design (SCB) is employed as the optical path configuration. A one-dimensional (1-D) heat transfer model is developed for estimating temperature elevation. An analytical solution is also proposed for the thermo-elastic bending and buckling problem of thermal V-beam and curved beam (pre-shaped buckled beam) actuators. The resulting governing equations with external y-directed force and thermal strain force are solved analytically. Results of the analytical solutions and the finite element (FEM) calculations are compared, with prediction accuracy within 10% of the nonlinear FEM solution, which agrees well with the experimental data.


split cross bar; optical switch; converter; variable optical attenuators; analytical; ;automation

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