Fall Detection FPGA-Based Systems: A Survey

Sahar Abdelhedi, Riad Bourguiba, Jaouhar Mouine, Mouna Baklouti, Anis Youssef


Falls can lead to serious injuries, hospitalization and sometimes death, and are considered the number one cause of disabilities among elderly people, making falls a key concern in the healthcare sector. Advances in medical technology and healthcare mechanisms have driven the development of new responses to the healthcare needs of a growing elderly population. Ambulatory accelerometer devices have been applied to develop reliable and robust fall detection systems. This paper assesses fall detection systems using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) as a CPU in addition to data transmission. In this paper, we give a survey of the different fall detection systems based on FPGAs in the literature, definition of the main theoretical points of fall detection accelerometers-based systems, existing techniques and algorithms and we give an overview of the main steps to design a fall detection system.


accelerometers, embedded systems, fall detection, FPGA, health-monitoring

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