An Analysis of Intelligent Automation Demands in Taiwanese Firms

Ying-Mei Tai


To accurately elucidate the production deployment, process intelligent automation (IA), and production bottlenecks of Taiwanese companies, as well as the IA application status, this research conducted a structured questionnaire survey on the participants of the IA promotion activities arranged by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. A total of 35 valid questionnaires were recovered. Research findings indicated that the majority of participants were large-scale enterprises. These enterprises anticipated adding production bases in Taiwan and China to transit and upgrade their operations or strengthen influence in the domestic market. The degrees of various process IA and production bottlenecks were relatively low, which was associated with the tendency to small amount of diversified products. The majority of sub-categories of hardware equipment and simulation technologies have reached maturity, and the effective application of these technologies can enhance production efficiency. Technologies of intelligent software remain immature and need further development and application. More importantly, they can meet customer values and create new business models, so as to satisfy the purpose of sustainable development.


intelligent automation, Taiwanese firm, demand analysis

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