Automated Screw Type Briquetting Machine as A Small Business Venture

Allan Yambot, Leo Casano, Ryan Mina, Kevin Yu, Alvin Yu Chua


This study aims to develop an automated screw briquetting system that will be applicable as a small business venture in provincial areas of the Philippines. The existing manual briquette machine was integrated with automation equipment and software to facilitate continuous briquette production.  The automated machine uses an induction motor fitted with a Variable Frequency Drive to control the motor’s rotational speed. A Programmable Logic Controller was used to facilitate the overall control of the briquetting system through the synchronization of the sensors and drivers. In addition, the machine features a band heater with a temperature controller and a control panel for safety and ease of operation. A simulation was performed to determine the optimal design configuration of the screw geometry applicable for automation. Experiments were performed by varying the temperature and screw speed to achieve optimal briquette quality. The automation results showed that briquettes of high quality can be produced at a rate of 10kg/hr. An economic feasibility study was done to show the machine’s viability in a provincial small business context.


automation, briquetting, screw type, business

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