Design and Implementation of a Data Exchange Platform for TFT-LCD Virtual Production Control Systems

Min-Hsiung Hung, Yu-Chuan Lin, Shih-Hao Li, Haw-Ching Yang, Fan-Tien Cheng


To solve the problems of delivery shortages and excess product inventories, the TFT-LCD manufacturers and their suppliers need to share production planning data, such as work in process (WIP) data, shipping demands, shipping plans, just-in-time (JIT) material demands, etc. In this paper, we develop a production planning data platform, called PPDEP, to fulfill such a demand. Specifically, a production planning integration server (PPIS) is constructed in each enterprise which communicates with other enterprises through the RosettaNet standards and integrates with internal systems through a designed generic application adapter and interface database. We also draw up a systematic PIP implementation procedure in this paper. In order to verify its effectiveness, the PPDEP has been practically applied to the factories of our cooperative TFT-LCD enterprises, Chimei Innolux (the manufacturer) and Himax (the supplier) to deliver data for a virtual production control system (VPCS) and to exchange B2B data for executing production planning applications. Testing results show that the PPDEP has a good performance record in delivering data for the VPCS. Also, the VPCS leveraging of the PPDEP can make it easier for the manufacturer to effectively monitor and project the production of the supplier in an active and timely manner.


Data Exchange Platform; Production Planning; RosettaNet; TFT-LCD; Virtual Production Control System;automation

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