Monotonic Switching Iterative Learning Control Method for a Class of Discrete Time Switched System

H.E. Ouerfelli, S. Ben Attia, S. Salhi


This paper deal with the problem of monotonic tracking convergence error (MC) of discrete time switched system. We begin our review by proposing the considered switched systems are operated during a finite time interval repetitively, and then the iterative learning control (ILC) scheme can be introduced between subsystems. Namely, the tracking error converges with non-zero constant initial error. After the switched system is transformed into a 2D switched system, sufficient conditions in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) are derived by using the -norm. It is shown that the tracking error converges monotonically to zero in the sense of -norm. A numerical simulation example is established shown the effectiveness of the proposed method.


switched systems; iterative learning control (ILC); uadratic function; -norm; tracking control; linear matrix inequality

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