Application of the Living Lab Concept: Empirical Validation in Taiwan's Minsheng Community

Gary Gong, Meili Hsiao, Ming-Der Hsieh, Laura Liu, Tony Chiu, Li-Chieh Lin, Kuan-Ting Chen, Belinda Chen, Hsiao-Hung Lin, Emily Fang, Mina Wang, Jimi Yung-Chuan Wen


Starting in 2009, the Institute for Information Industry (III) began implementing empirical Living Lab applications in different locations throughout the Minsheng Community, Songshan District that targeted different user groups. These applications included the Future Classroom and Green Life Ecological Tourguide, which targeted junior high school students; ComCare, which targeted the elderly residents of the community; In-Snergy, which targeted large buildings; and inMedia_Kiosks, which targeted the general public. There are three main contributions to this study. First, it provides complete solution to technological service enterprises. Secondly, the Living Lab improves partnership relations with local residents. Thirdly, it enables Taiwan to establish close links and conduct knowledge exchange with Living Lab projects around the world.


Minsheng Community; Living Lab; ComCare; In-Snergy; inMedia_Kiosks; Future Classroom; Green Life Ecological Tourguide

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