Using a Multi-touch Panel to Control Lights in Indoor Public Spaces — Prototype Designs and User Studies

I-Ling Chen, Shih-Chung Kang


An effective light controller helps users provide accurate and effective illumination in public spaces. Control errors caused by confusion about the relationship between the controller and its corresponding lights can delay or interrupt work, meetings or performances. Two novel light controller designs are proposed: (1) a map light controller that integrates a gesture control and 2D CAD layout; and (2) an interactive map light controller that uses an interactive 3D color-coded display and gesture control. Simulations compared the performance of the proposed designs with that of two commonly used light controllers. Qualitative (N = 5) and quantitative (N = 30) tests were conducted to validate and compare the speed and performance of all controllers in controlling luminaries in a virtual lecture hall.


Lighting Control; User Interface; Usability Test; Mapping Problem

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