A Novel Grey-RSS Navigation System Design for Mobile Robots

Albert Yao, Hsin-Te Liao, Shiou-De Chen


The active magnetic bearing (AMB) offers several advantages such as having no friction, high rotational speed, less energy loss, and long life span. In rotation application, however, it must be connected to a motor which may degrade its performance. A bearingless motor is the combination of the active magnetic bearing and a motor. It saves software and hardware facilities, resulting in lower costs. In this paper, a permanent-magnet type bearingless motor is proposed based on a three-pole AMB. The translational magnetic field (generating the bearing forces) and the rotational magnetic field (generating the motor torque) are analyzed to establish the mathematical dynamic model of the overall system. Based on the dynamic model, a two-stage controller that sequentially levitates the rotor and controls the motor speed is designed. Numerical simulations are performed to verify the analysis.


Intelligent Grey-RSS navigation system; RFID; Navigation system; Mobile robot

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