Development of High-precision Micro CNC Machine with Three-dimensional Measurement System

Chih-Liang Chu, Tzu-Yao Ta, Yun-Hui Liu, Chin-Tu Lu, Cheng-Hsin Chuang, Hong-Wei Liao


This study aims at developing a machine center consisting of high-speed micro-milling machine, micro-EDM and coordinate measuring machine. The machine center uses a commercially available PC-Based CNC controller and micro-EDM power supply. The structure design is based on an open L-shaped granite base, where a Z-axis platform is mounted on the top of an L-type base, while X and Y-axis platforms are assembled by stacking. Additionally, a fuel tank, WEDG winding mechanism and a work piece holder were fixed to the X-axis work platform. Three-axis positioning stages use servomotors to drive lead screws for motion control. Equipped with a commercially available PC-Based CNC controller, any processing path and precision motion control can be achieved. In addition, the Z-axis platform includes a commercially available rapid adapter for the rapid assembly of C-axis rotation, high-speed micro-milling spindle and three-dimensional measuring probe. This means that the machine can quickly switch between micro-EDM, high-speed micro-milling and three-dimensional measurement. The machine center successfully produced micro probes with a front-end sphere with a diameter of less than 100 μm. Combined with a self-developed trigger circuit, it also completed a three-dimensional touch trigger probe. The measurement software was developed with Borland C++ Builder. Integrating the three-dimensional touch trigger probe with the three-axis linear scale, the three-dimensional coordinates of the measured values were calculated and processed. It has been successfully applied to the measurement of point, line, circle and angle.


micro EDM; high-speed milling; micro 3D CMM; WEDG; touch-trigger probe;automation

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