The Transformation of Users in Living Lab Construction: The Case of Eco-City Living Lab

Wen-Yuan Lin, Chin-Teng Lin, Yi-Hua Wang, Rong-Tai Chen


To promote the development of user-oriented technology, different approaches are explored, with living labs being one of the most promising. This paper introduces the strategies in making of a community-based living lab with a specific focus on the users. We introduce the practical mechanisms built in a community environment and the methods to facilitate user innovation. We also report a case study of the users’ response to a health care technology, finding out that most of the users did not change their opinion after a year’s use. The major finding is on the dynamics between living lab construction and the transformation of the users. We reflect on the phenomenon of a living lab itself transforming the users and making it difficult for them to provide specific opinions of the technology.


Living Lab; User; method; user transformation; open innovation

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