Estimation and Compensation of the LuGre Friction Model in High-Speed Micro-Motion Control

Cong-Sheng Huang, Syh-Shiuh Yeh, Pau-Lo Hsu


Static friction compensation is usually required to reduce friction in precision motion control and manufacturing processes. Micro-motion control is a current trend for precision machining in the electronics industry. Dynamic friction plays an important role in systems using micro-scale motion at high-speed and high-frequency command. The Lund–Grenoble (LuGre) friction model is suitable for coping with the dynamic friction effect. However, the parameters of this model are difficult to accurately identify to ensure satisfactory control performance in miniature machining. This paper proposes an efficient and systematic three-step parameter estimation method for LuGre modeling. The friction compensation of the proposed approach was successfully demonstrated on a 400W AC servo motor. Furthermore, under a peck drilling command on DYNA 1007 CNC machine, the LuGre model also improved motion precision by 72.0% in the maximum peak error.


LuGre model, friction compensation, micro-motion, parameter estimation, peck drilling

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