A Survey of the Automation Intelligence of Machine Tools in Taiwan

Su-Yun Chiang


Due to global competition, Taiwan's single-machine tool factories are expected to research, develop, and manufacture high/intermediate-level machine tools, such as micro machine tools and intelligent machine tools. With stronger automation ability, greater processing efficiency, and improved processing quality, intelligent machine tools also integrate artificial intelligence to achieve the goal of unmanned processing. Their main functions include: automatic planning of a processing program, route, and conditions; detection and monitoring of tool status during processing; solution determination; and self-learning. Advanced machine tools are capable of accumulating experience in processing to improve successful processing capacity, as well as on-line measurement and detection in real time, so as to ensure uniformity of product quality. This study aims to investigate major machine tool manufacturers in Taiwan, and their requirements for automation technology in single-machine tools.


Machine Tool; Automation Intelligence; analytic hierarchy process

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