Exploring the Innovative Value of the RFID Industry

Pei-Shu Fan, Cheng-Chin Tsao, Yi-Ching Liaw


Nearly every industry is increasingly reliant on patent protections, and the future of entire industries and even countries can be analyzed and predicted based on patent development. Countries are responding to the rapid development of RFID applications by aggressively protecting pursuing and protecting RFID innovations. This study examines a number of patent indicators to predict and explain future technological developments in the RFID industry, thus providing insights for economic planning at the national scale. Patent indicators such as the number of patent applications and Patent Cooperation Treaties (PCTs) are used to analyze technological development trends in the context of overall development for Europe, Asia, and America, and to identify valuable technological development directions. Distributions of RFID patents are then used with the Revealed Patent Advantage (RPA) to conduct cluster analysis of K-means, thus providing insight into relative regional technological advantages in RFID development. Finally we discuss the future creative value of the Taiwanese market and its development direction.


RFID; patent indexes; paten value; patent analysis; RPA indexes; cluster analysis

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