Simultaneous Hand-Eye-Workspace and Camera Calibration using Laser Beam Projection

Jwu-Sheng Hu, Yung-Jung Chang


This work presents a novel calibration technique capable of simultaneously calibrating a camera’s intrinsic parameters and hand-eye-workspace relations. In addition to relaxing the requirement of a precise calibration reference to achieve manipulator accuracy, the proposed method functions when the hand is not in the view field of the eye. The calibration method uses a laser pointer mounted on the hand to project laser beams onto a planar object, which serves as the working plane. Collected laser spot images must adhere to certain nonlinear constraints established by each hand pose and the corresponding plane-laser intersection. This work also introduces calibration methods for two cases using single and multiple planes. A multistage closed-form solution is derived and serves as the initial guess to the nonlinear optimization procedure that minimizes errors globally, allowing the proposed calibration method to function without manual intervention. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by comparison with existing hand-eye calibration methods via simulation and experiments using an industrial manipulator.


Hand/eye calibration, Camera calibration, Laser

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