Fuzzy observer-controller design in finite frequency domain: application to wind turbine

kaoutar lahmadi


This work presents the generalized Kalman Yakubovich-Popuv (gKYP) combined with the Takagi Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model to design a fuzzy robust state feedback controller and a fuzzy robust observer-based in finite frequency (FF) domain. T-S fuzzy model is well known for its efficiency to control complex nonlinear systems. However, for wind generator system, the unknown parts are large and produce disturbances parameters. In order to attenuate, the level of the disturbances parameters observer based is utilized to estimate the unknown parts of the wind system. The control design method is based on Lyapunov function, the generalized gKYP with projection lemma, a PDC (Parallel Distributed Compensation) structure and the finite frequency (FF) technique. The proposed approach is formulated linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) to prove the asymptotic stability in (FF) domain. Finally, an example of wind turbine is show the validity of the proposed new approach.


State feedback Controller; Observer-based controller; Takagi Sugeno fuzzy model; Finite frequency (FF); Linear matrix inequality (LMI); Wind system.

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