A Review of Ubiquitous Mobile Sensing Based on Smartphones

Chih-Yen Chen, Yung-Hsiang Chen, Chun-Fu Lin, Chun-Jen Weng, Hung-Chun Chien


Smartphones or mobile phones are rapidly becoming a popular device for communication, sensing and access of the network system in people’s lives. The most significance is that today’s smartphones provide a programmable computing platform with the built-in sensors to create many useful applications in the personal group and community. We believe whether built-in sensors or the newly external sensors equipped with smartphones will change many parts of our industrial manufacturing, environmental monitoring, biology and medicine application, healthcare and social network services. In this review paper, we surveyed the existing sensing devices for various applications to improve the functionality. So we explored the emerging sensing paradigms, and several newly developed innovations to formulate an appropriate framework for mobile devices. Finally, the future challenges arising in the mobile sensing and the implementation of instrumentation and measurement in actual situations were discussed.


Mobile; Smartphone; Sensor; Monitor; Measurement

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