A Magnetic Micropump Based on Ferrofluidic Actuation

Lung-Ming Fu, Wei-Ching Fang, Ting-Fu Hong, Chia-Yen Lee


A circular ferrofluidic micropump for biomedical applications is proposed comprising two ferrofluidic plugs contained within a PMMA (Polymethyl-Methacrylate) microchannel and driven by a rotating stepping motor. Orthogonal and tangent-type micropumps are developed. The circular ferrofluidic micropump chip is patterned using a commercially-available CO2 laser scriber. The operation of the micropump relies on the use of magnetically-actuated ferrofluidic plugs. The ferrofluid contacts the pumped fluid but is immiscible with it. The flow rate in the two types of proposed devices can be easily controlled by adjusting the rotational velocity of the stepping motor. Results show that a maximum flow rate of 128 μl/min is obtained using the tangent-type micropump with a channel width of 1000 μm and a rotational velocity of 10 rpm with zero pressure head.


ferrofluidics; microfluidics; micropump

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