Using the Zero-Resistance Spark Circuit on the Wire Cut Electric Discharge Machine to Realize Energy Savings

Shao-Hsien Chen, Chen-Peng Wang


There is an increasing emphasis on the development green manufacturing technologies. To improve processing and energy efficiency of modern Wire Cut Electric Discharge Machines (WEDM), many studies have focused on the design of the device’s discharge circuit. Currently, most such circuits use a resistor to impose current-limitations. When current flows through this resistor, considerable electrical energy converted into heat. The generated heat increases the temperature in the discharge circuit, which negatively impacts processing and energy efficiency, even though the temperature rise could be controlled by arranging cooling devices around the discharge circuit. This study seeks to produce an improved discharge circuit for use in WEDMs. We use DC-DC and electronic voltage regulation technology to convert the energy originally dissipated in the resistor directly into the energy for use in machining. The Zero-Resistance Spark Circuit is the critical design to realize the energy saving effect. Experimental results indicate energy savings of 10 to 15%.


Wire Cut Electric Discharge Machine(WEDM), None-Resistance sparkle circuit, Machine tools.

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