An Effective Power Management Circuit system for Energy Harvesting Applications

Chun-Chang Wu, Yu-Jie Huang, Yi-Cheng Chiou, Yu-Hao Chen, Shey-Shi Lu


A high-efficiency power management circuit is realized using TSMC 0.35μm CMOS process to convert energy harvested from the environment for battery storage as a suitable power supply for application circuitry. A high conversion efficiency (74%) switching voltage regulator is designed to serve as a digital control circuit with greater tolerance to power noise. For noise-sensitive analog circuits such as amplifiers and the analog-to-digital converters, a linear low dropout (LDO) regulator is also designed to provide a cleaner and more stable power supply. In addition, a microcontroller which can effectively control the power switching of each circuit block is also implemented. To prevent power waste, the system blocks normally stay in standby mode with extremely low power consumption. Each block will be turned on only when instructed to activate.


DC/DC converter; MCU; PMU; LDO

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