System Identification and Adaptive Tracking Control for a 3-DOF LCD Glass-handling Robot

Rong-Fong Fung, Sin-Syun You


In this paper, a physical model of a 3 Degree-Of-Freedom (DOF) LCD glass-handling robot driven by three Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSMs) is established. The completely mathematical model includes two parts: the electrical equations of the three PMSMs and mechanical equations of the system in three directions. In numerical simulations, MATLAB software was employed to solve the mathematical models, while Real-coded Genetic Algorithm (RGA) was used to identify the system parameters which include those not easily measured from experiments. Numerical simulations and experimental results were compared to show the identified parameters of the mechatronic system. In the adaptive control design, Lyapunov function was employed and the external loading and unknown disturbances were considered. Two different commands of angular-displacement curve of the trapezoidal and double S speed profiles were used as the tracking trajectories for comparison. It was concluded that the double S speed profile has smaller tracking errors than those of the trapezoidal speed profile.


3-DOF LCD Glass-handling robot; double S speed profile; Lyapunov function; permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs); Real-coded Genetic Algorithm (RGA)


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