NFC Tags Based Notification System for Medical Appointments

Quratulain Masud, Munazza Fatima, Razi Iqbal, Awais Ahmad


In clinics and hospitals, whenever a patient visits a doctor, usually he gets an appointment for the next visit. It’s quite hard to remember the exact date and time of the next meeting, mostly due to seldom appointments. Unavailability of patient at that time disrupts the doctor’s schedule as it’s not feasible for him to accommodate that person for further appointment. This paper brings the idea of using Near Field Communication (NFC) tags to facilitate the patient by setting alarm in their NFC enabled device (tablets, cell phone). The physician enters the data of respective patient in the database. The server at the other end can access this data wirelessly. This data is further sent to the tag via NFC reader / writer device. These NFC tags hold the information about date & time of next meeting. Patient can get this information by tapping his NFC enabled cell phone to the tag. As a result, an alarm will be set according to the data acquired through passive tag.


Near Field Communication; Passive Tags; QR Codes; RFID

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