The Intelligent Automation Demands of Taiwanese Companies with Businesses in Taiwan and China

Ying-Mei Tai


Most Taiwanese companies invest in Mainland Mainland Mainland Mainland China due to its cheap and a great deal of labor force, or production flexibility. Facing that Mainland China's labor conditions undergo sudden discontinuity, Taiwanese firms with businesses in Taiwan and Mainland China have to change their business models in order to overcome the current difficulties, and create new opportunities. This study shows that the "manufacturing process of the manufacturing industry" is the most important automation item for Taiwanese firms with businesses in Taiwan and Mainland China, followed by "system integration of the manufacturing industry" and "product design of the manufacturing industry", etc. Nearly 60% of these companies have further intelligent automation requirements, and they may combine several methods such as "self-develop" and "collaborate with other companies".


Intelligent automation, Taiwanese companies in Taiwan and Mainland China, market analysis

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