Mechatronic Systems in Digital Microfluidics

Ping-Yi Hung, Hsin-Yi Lu, Shih-Kang Fan, Yen-Wen Lu


The mechatronic system to drive and control a digital microfluidics (DMF) microchip was introduced and explained. It features two key functionalities for digital microfluidics: (1) application of different driving forces/frequency through integrated electronic circuitry, and (2) capability of programming a series of DMF actuations on electrodes for automation with friendly graphical user interface (GUI). The system can further expand its functionality with a real-time monitoring system as a fully closed-loop control for practical applications. This article will provide readers a guideline to construct a mechatronic system for DMF, which thus allows the utilization of a DMF microchip as convenient tools to achieve the automation of biological laboratory procedures.


droplet; microfluidics; point-of-care;

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