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Frequency Domain Effect of a Hysteresis Suppression System with Inverse Preisach Model Based Control

Hsin-Fang Tsai, Jia-Yush Yen, Lien-Sheng Chen, Hung-Cheng Chang, Jack J.H. Chen, Fu-Chen Wang, Wen-Bin Wung


The extended Preisach model is used extensively in precision control for its ability to model and thus can be used to suppress the hysteresis phenomenon. Although an inverse model based on the classical Preisach model entails a very high level of computational complexity, recent advances in computer technology has enabled real-time implementation of such models. The extended Preisach model calculates the hysteresis action by fitting the - table in the Preisach model to a surface. One can then calculate the amount of extension and retraction simply by searching for the parameters on the surface. This paper proposes a real-time high speed implementation of a model-based hysteresis elimination control. The experimental results show that the proposed method produces a smaller tracking error with a smooth system output.


Hysteresis; Extended Preisach model; Frequency contents

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