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Teaching Practices for the Student Response System at National Taiwan University

Jennifer Wen-Shya Lee, Mei-lun Shih


Student response systems (SRSs) have been proven useful for enhancing student engagement and improving learning outcomes. Although many previous studies have found that both instructors and students generally hold positive attitudes toward technology which can increase classroom interaction, continuously maintaining student attention and interest remains a key challenge. The Center for Teaching and Learning Development at National Taiwan University has proactively promoted the use of an SRS since 2011. Two major approaches have been successfully implemented to assist professors in applying the SRS in their classrooms: the adoption of the Zuvio multimedia online interactive system and the implementation of a faculty SRS development group. Based on qualitative data gathered from the faculty SRS development group, this study elucidates four crucial teaching practices of the SRS: (1) designing pre- and post-instruction content comprehension assessments, (2) ensuring participatory learning through guided classroom discussions, (3) combining theory and practice, and (4) implementing group report evaluation participation.


Zuvio, student response system (SRS), teaching practice

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