The Application Trend of Smart Sensing Technology in Home of Building: An Example of a Green and Smart Building for the Seniors Citizens Offered by Farglory Land Development

Meng-Hsien Hsieh


The living space of smart buildings requires three major applications: energy-saving and comfort, security and hazard prevention, and health care. These applications not only give rise to a market opportunity for advanced sensor fusion technologies including comfort sensing, infrared sensing, inertial sensing, and voice recognition, but also make proactive sensing, smart determination, and automatic control possible. The smart building project by Farglory Land Development, where senior citizens are able to live comfortably and be well taken care of, is presented here. The current trends visible from this project are also discussed.


three-in-one comfort sensor; inertial sensor; sensor fusion


G. L. Ma, “Endow Buildings with Life–Sharing and Discussing Successful Cases of Smart Buildings,” presented at Conference on Endow Buildings with Life–Green Structures, Green Building-Material, and Building Intelligentalization (organized by Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute), Taipei, Taiwan, March 16, 2011. Available:

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