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Design Considerations for Technology Interventions to Support Social and Physical Wellness for Older Adults with Disability

Jenay M. Beer, Tracy L. Mitzner, Rachel E. Stuck, Wendy A. Rogers


Social and physical wellness are important considerations for maintaining one’s health into older age and remaining independent. However, some segments of the older adult population, such as those aging with disability, are at increased risk for loneliness and reduced physical activity, which could result in negative health consequences. There is a critical need to understand how to deploy social and physical wellness interventions for people aging with disability. We provide an overview of constructs related to social and physical wellness, as well as evidence-based interventions effective with older populations. Our review yields considerations for how interventions may need to be developed or modified to be efficacious for this population segment. Technology may be a key component in adopting interventions, particularly tele-technologies, which we define and discuss in depth.


Aging; Disability; Physical Activity; Social Connectedness; Technology Supports

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