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The International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology (AUSMT) is published by the Chinese Institute of Automation Engineers (CIAE). The goal of AUSMT is to advance scientific communication and to maintain an archive of publications for future generations of scientists. All the editors of AUSMT are responsible for the scientific content and other editorial matters.
All the manuscripts of AUSMT are submitted, reviewed, accepted, revised and published on the AUSMT website ( Manuscripts submitted are first screened by Editors and send to appropriate Area Editors. Area Editor manages the review and editing of submissions. Area Editor also plays a key role to communicate with Editors and Reviewers. All the editors have the responsibility to make decisions as impartially as is humanly possible during the editorial process.

Editor’s Responsibility

  1. Oversees publishing process
    Editor should schedule submission for publication and work with Chief Editor and Managing Editor to plan for quarterly publication. That is, Editor should survey all the achieved percentage of AUSMT scheduled progress and ensure the quality of AUSMT publication.
  2. Oversees editorial process
    When the author submits a manuscript to AUSMT website system, the system will notify Editor by e-mail immediately. Editor should screen and appoint an appropriate Area Associate Editor (according to his or her expertise) to accomplish the following process. Editor also has the responsibility to ensure those processes are in control of execution.

Area Editor’s Responsibility

  1. Initial review
    Area Associate Editor evaluates each manuscript to determine if its topic and content is suitable for consideration by AUSMT. Manuscripts that do not meet minimum criteria should be returned to the authors within one week of receipt.
  2. Choosing reviewer
    Authors are required to suggest a list of reviewers when they submit a manuscript. When the content of a submission departs from the Area Associate Editor’s domain of expertise, the Area Associate Editor should seek assistance in obtaining a list of candidate reviewers.
    This assistance can include selecting the authors of the submitted papers for reviewer recommendations, choosing possible reviewers among the papers listed in a submission’s reference list, seeking suggestions from colleagues, consulting the AUSMT reviewer list, and consulting the AUSMT Editorial Board. In any case, at least two and preferably three reviewers should be chosen for all submissions.
    Review task must be started upon Reviewer’s acceptance and be finished within three weeks. Area Associate Editor should remind every Reviewer to complete review task on time.
  3. Making a decision
    Reviewer will provide personal comments after he or she finishes review task. Based on the Reviewer’s comments, Area Associate Editor should make the final decision to decide whether the manuscript is accepted or not. If the manuscript is acceptable, Area Associate Editor should schedule it for future publication. If there is a conflict between two Reviewers’ decisions, Area Editor should invite a third reviewer to review the manuscript.
  4. Managing the editing of submission
    After the manuscripts are accepted, Area Associate Editor should make an arrangement to edit the manuscripts, including copyediting, layout editing and proofreading. Area Editor should coordinate with each part of process through AUSMT website system and ensure the quality of publication.

Reviewer’s Responsibility

  1. On-line process
    All of the manuscripts of AUSMT are submitted, reviewed and edited on AUSMT website system. Reviewer receives the invitation and connects to the designate review task by the hyperlink in the e-mail which comes from Area Associate Editors of AUSMT. Reviewer is required to decide whether to accept the mission or not and to follow the instructions to finish his or her job on AUSMT website system.
  2. Un-anonymous review
    AUSMT is a platform for scientific communication. On this platform, all the scientific ideas are open to be reasonably discussed. Un-anonymous review will help the authors and readers of AUSMT understand the issues that concern the reviewers, and thus promote the communication in different scientific fields.
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