Vol 8, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

*Intelligent Automation Technology

Enhanced Roll Powder Sintering Additive Manufacturing Technology PDF
Vyacheslav R. Shulunov 1-8
Implementation of Odometry with EKF in Hector SLAM Methods PDF
Ming-Yi Ju, Yu-Jen Chen, Wei-Cheng Jiang 9-18
Object Recognition and Cooperative Pick-and-Place of a Single Spherical Wheeled Mobile Robot with Dual Arms PDF
Jhen-Chi Tang, Ching-Chih Tsai, Feng-Chun Tai 19-27

*Ambient Intelligence, Context Awareness, and Sensor Networks

Music Play Using a Vibraphone with a Humanoid Robot as Interaction Training for Autistic Children PDF
Ying Hua Peng, Ming Liang Wang, Norbert Michael Mayer, Yu-Fen Peng, Joanna Kossewska 29-34

*Optomechatronic Modules and Systems

Using Red-Emitting Ca2Si5N8Eu2+ Phosphor for Improving Color Uniformity and Color Quality Scale of the in-cup Packaging MCW-LEDs PDF
Tran Thanh Nam, Tran Hoang Quang Minh, Le Anh Vu 35-40

*Robotics, Intelligent Devices and Systems

Adaptive Reinforcement Learning in Box-Pushing Robots PDF
Kao-Shing Hwang, Jin-Ling Lin 41-49
Force Sensorless Compliance Control of a Lower-limb Exoskeleton Robot PDF
Chung-Hsien Kuo, Andika Pramanta Yudha, Suvendu Kumar Mohapatra 51-60

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