Vol 5, No 3 (2015)

Table of Contents


Smart Education Method, Technology and Environment PDF HTML
Shih-Chung Kang, Carrie Sturts Dossick 113-114


An Analysis on the Intelligent Automation Demands of Taiwanese Companies in Southern China PDF HTML
Ying-Mei Tai 115-117

Smart Education Method, Technology and Environment

Learning in Global Teams: BIM Planning and Coordination PDF HTML
Carrie Sturts Dossick, Hoda Homayouni, Ghang Lee 119-135
Instruction in Divergent Thinking for Conceptual Design: A Case Study Based on a Corkscrew PDF HTML
Ying-Chieh Liu, Chin-Yu Kao, Amaresh Chakrabarti 137-143
Teaching Practices for the Student Response System at National Taiwan University PDF HTML
Jennifer Wen-Shya Lee, Mei-lun Shih 145-150
CIM: Capability-Innovation-Motive Teaching Model for System Engineering Education – “Embedded Operating Systems” as an Example PDF HTML
Yu-Lun Huang, Chao-Yang Cheng, Sunny S. J. Lin 151-161
A Collaborative Authoring Workspace and Script-Based Control Platform for Heterogeneous Robots PDF HTML
Jin-Ling Lin, Kao-Shing Hwang 163-171
Overcoming technophobia in poorly-educated elderly – the HELPS-seniors service learning program PDF HTML
Chwen-Chi Wang, Jin-Jong Chen 173-182

*Ambient Intelligence, Context Awareness, and Sensor Networks

Analysis of dynamic path loss based on the RSSI model for rupture location analysis in underground wireless sensor networks and its implications for Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS) PDF HTML
Pushan Kr Dutta, O.P. Mishra, M.K. Naskar 183-194

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