Vol 2, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents


Growing trend of network-based, smart green buildings towards automatic energy-saving performance: A study based on Advantech’s energy-saving system PDF HTML
Chung-Ming Tung 75-77
From Competition to Cooperation - Development and Practices of Open Innovation Systems PDF HTML
Hsiu-ling Li 79-81

*Intelligent Automation Technology

Design and Implementation of a Data Exchange Platform for TFT-LCD Virtual Production Control Systems PDF HTML
Min-Hsiung Hung, Yu-Chuan Lin, Shih-Hao Li, Haw-Ching Yang, Fan-Tien Cheng 83-94
Development of High-precision Micro CNC Machine with Three-dimensional Measurement System PDF HTML
Chih-Liang Chu, Tzu-Yao Ta, Yun-Hui Liu, Chin-Tu Lu, Cheng-Hsin Chuang, Hong-Wei Liao 95-101

*Ambient Intelligence, Context Awareness, and Sensor Networks

High Efficient Synchronization-on-demand Protocol of IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network for Construction Monitoring PDF HTML
Ji-De Huang, Wen-Jong Wu, Chih-Ting Lin 103-109

*Human-Computer Interface

Using a Multi-touch Panel to Control Lights in Indoor Public Spaces — Prototype Designs and User Studies PDF HTML
I-Ling Chen, Shih-Chung Kang 111-120

*Optomechatronic Modules and Systems

Characterization of an 2x2 SCB Optical Switch Integrated with VOA PDF HTML
Hen-Wei Huang, Yao-Joe Yang 121-131
A Feasibility Study of a Bearingless Motor Based on Three-pole Active Magnetic Bearing PDF HTML
Shyh-Leh Chen, Shang-Yu Hsu, Pai-Lu Wang, Darping Juang 133-140
Multi-sensor Approach for Multivalent Applications in Nanometrology PDF HTML
Manske Eberhard, Gerd Jäger 141-145

*Robotics, Intelligent Devices and Systems

Vision-Based Imitation Learning in Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems: Varying Physiology and Skill PDF HTML
Jeff Allen, John Eric Anderson, Jacky Baltes 147-161
A Novel Grey-RSS Navigation System Design for Mobile Robots PDF HTML
Albert Yao, Hsin-Te Liao, Shiou-De Chen 163-169

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